Your Top Questions Answered

Your Top Questions Answered

As many of you know, here at Rhonda Allison, we’re all about education. We love when aesthetic professionals ask us questions about the skin, business best practices or even specific ingredients. To help facilitate these discussions, we created a group on Facebook – the Rhonda Allison Educational Forum. This wonderful community has become a place not only for Q&A, but also for collaboration and sharing amongst aesthetic professionals.

For those who may not be on Facebook, or just prefer this format, here are some of the top recent questions and responses:

Is it pointless to use LED during a finishing mask? I’ve read clean skin is the best way to utilize LED, is that correct? ~ Julia (Parker, CO)

Lara B. said: Very true.

Shannon E. said: Most definitely! Only use with water-based serums or clean skin. However, we have so many great serums that make such a huge difference when used in conjunction with LED that I would probably always choose one of those

Follow up question: Which serums can be used with LED? ~ Alexandra

Lisa K. said: I love the Mandelic Arginine Peel with LED for acne or aging. Amazing results!

Shannon E. said: Mandelic Arginine Serum and C-Peptide Complex Serum are my favorites. We also have a list on the website for others.

I have a client that is so dry she says she uses at least 5 pumps of Infuse 7 to get relief. Is there another Moisturizer that will be better for her? ~ Yolande

Charlene A. said: She needs water-based hydration under that. I’d have her use the Hyaluronic first.

Shiloh K. said: Cucumber Spritz and Hyaluronic Serum. She could also look to nutrition to see what could help her internally....

Jill O. said: She needs to occlude her moisture. CBR would be a necessary facial treatment. She needs barrier repair.

Shannon E. said: You can mix Infuse 7 with Ultra Hydration Cream.

My nephew was bit by a dog, ER said they didn’t want to suture it. I feel it’s going to scar pretty bad. What should we put on it and when?

Aubree C. said: I would do a mix of ProSalve or Post Balm with some Growth Factor and maybe even a little Arnica Therapy for the swelling and discomfort.

Louisa A: As for when, I would wait until after the dermabond comes off then start Pro Salve on it mixed with Post Balm. They prevent infection and anti-inflammatory benefits. Then start using Growth Factor Plus a week or 10 days later. Also, Therapy E Serum is AMAZING to prevent scarring.

Annie C. said: You will be surprised at how well it will heal. Wash 2-3 times a day with mild cleanse- Milk or Citrus. Put on a ProSalve, EGF, and Arnica Therapy mix. Keep the wound moist with ProSalve and keep covered when leaving the house. The sun will scar it the most, so keep covered. Do not pick or pull anything off. In about 5 days you should see it looking better.

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