How to Use Your Education to Unlock Success Pt 2

How to Use Your Education to Unlock Success Pt 2

Last week I wrote about how continued education will help keep you on the cutting edge as an aesthetic professional. Similarly, learning advanced modalities and fine tuning a specific skill will help set you a part in the industry and boost your service offerings.

You may also discover that through research, reading and attending advanced learning courses you will begin to make connections and generate ideas you never thought possible. Knowledge spawns ideas and innovation – and those two combined will make you a greater asset to your clients.

Becoming savvy in advanced modalities and skills will keep clients coming back for more, and they will also be more likely to tell their friends and family about your work.

Drive business through add-on treatments

In the treatment room, you can utilize advanced education to sharpen a skill in a specific area such as massage, aromatherapy, skin peels, laser and other technologies. Specializing in a particular area and being able to deliver an unforgettable experience will set you apart and keep clients coming back.

For example, learning advanced techniques in the art of massage, such as lymphatic drainage, is valuable for working with clients with acne, fluid retention, or for those who have undergone surgical procedures. By mastering aromatherapy, you will help clients reduce stress, calm the mind, or reenergize, while simultaneously enhancing the experience.

Fine tune your skill

Of course, there are also a few fundamental skills, like extractions and skin analyses, necessary for the treatment room, but these may also be further developed and refined so that you become an expert, or the go-to-professional in those areas. I’ve seen a number of aesthetic professionals become locally, and even nationally, renowned for a particular service. Dream big and hone your craft!

Every professional must perfect the art of extractions to effectively perform it with ease and little to no trauma to the skin, while still supporting acne and impure skin issues like comedones, pustules and milia. The art of skin analyses is the foundation of success. Learning how to read skin will help you effectively diagnose issues, circumvent complications, create visible results, and ultimately develop a strong consult ability, which leads to life-long clients.

Learning advanced modalities, such as the art of skin peels or working with new technologies, will definitely take your practice to the next level and set you apart.

In next week’s post I’ll cover the importance of product and ingredient knowledge.

Question: What advanced modality do you want to learn?

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