Simple Steps to Better Skin Care: Pt 2

Simple Steps to Better Skin Care: Pt 2

In the previous blog post on “Simple Steps to Better Skin Care ” I covered the importance of routine professional treatments. In this post I will review easy steps for proper skin care at home between the professional treatments.

First, consult with your aesthetician as they will have a handle on your specific needs. Ask them to create a customized home skin care regimen for you. Since there are countless variations of skin types and challenges, I will cover a few common challenges and some basic steps for at-home care. It’s important to note, the most vital home care step for any skin type is cleansing!

For acne-challenged skin

Cleanse with Beta Green Tea Cleanser and All Purpose Cleansing Pads to support a bacteria-free surface without over drying the skin and deliver powerful antioxidant support. To reduce blemishes and prevent scarring, follow with the Blemish Serum, a natural antibacterial containing Totarol, which aggressively eliminates bacteria and supports the health and integrity of the skin.

Many acne regimens miss a key step, the renewal or building phase of wounded skin. Growth Factor Gel, containing Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), a cell renewal peptide, facilitates the recovery of problematic and acne prone skin. Remember to change pillow cases often, use a clean fresh cloth daily, and when blemishes form, immediately apply ice to reduce inflammation and prevent eruption of the blemish.

Caring for skin with hyper-pigmentation

A good lightener and sun block is key to reducing hyper-pigmentation. The Naturale' Mega Brightening Serum, a potent lightening serum, will reduce surface pigmentation and inhibit the production of melanin. Sun is a major antagonist against hyper pigmentation, in order to maintain and prevent further pigment issues, daily use of an SPF30 is essential. The Daytime Defense, with a natural Zinc Oxide SPF of 30, will give skin 97% protection from UV rays. Sunlight does not only affect pigmentation during the hot summer months, the winter UV rays can be just as damaging, which is why a daily SPF30 is important year round.

The age-reversal regimen

One of the first places to show signs of aging is the eyes. Apply a drop of Lip and Eye Renew Serumto eyes nightly. To help reduce creases, sleep on your back as much as possible, but in case you roll over, try silk pillowcases. Cleansing with Pumpkin Cleanser begins the rejuvenation process followed by a strengthening toner like Pumpkin Lotion readies the skin to be treated with age-defying peptides. Each morning apply C Peptide Complex a potent antioxidant and peptide serum and at night use Amino Peptide Serum, a wrinkle relaxer and minimizer, to reverse the signs of aging. Growth Factor Serum is a must for any age prevention program. Use the renewal and regenerating serum twice daily. Do not leave home without the SPF30 Daytime Defense. It protects all your good work and keeps skin healthy and moist.

Lastly, apply a weekly facial. For all skin types: cleanse the skin, blot dry, and apply a thin layer of Pumpkin Parfait Enzyme. Leave this on for 15 minutes, rinse with warm water and a soft cloth. For acne skin, apply Blemish Serum. For pigmented skin, apply Naturale' Mega Brightening Serum. For aging skin apply Amino Peptide Serum. Massage these into the skin and apply a mask – the Wasabi Mask for acne skin and Milk Mask for all other skin types.

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