Ingredient Spotlight: Leveraging the Powers of Pumpkin

Ingredient Spotlight: Leveraging the Powers of Pumpkin

Fall is in the air, which means pumpkin is everywhere. And while Christmas promotions have already begun, there’s still a few more weeks to indulge your clients in the health-promoting benefits this superfruit has to offer. This is sweet news, because pumpkin is a powerful ingredient, ideal for this time of year as it helps skin rejuvenate and maintain hydration in the transition from summer to winter.

While autumn is in full swing, take this opportunity to refresh your treatment menu and educate your clients on how pumpkin can address their skin concerns in time for the holidays and all year long.

What Makes Pumpkin a Powerhouse?

Pumpkin is packed with vitamins and minerals, including potent alpha and beta-carotenes, potassium and fiber. And because the molecular structure of pumpkin is small, it can penetrate and absorb deeper into the dermis increasing its impact. Pumpkin is also a rare ingredient that supports most every skin type and condition, and is particularly effective in the following areas:

Cleansing & Exfoliating

Pumpkin-based cleansers and peels are great choices for clients with sensitive skin thanks to the fruit’s naturally occurring salicylic acid and retinoic acid. Pumpkin also offers non-invasive, digestive aspects, which break apart dead cells and oil, encourage cell turnover and smooth the skin’s surface. And, in addition to its detoxifying qualities, pumpkin leverages its wealth of antioxidant content and vitamins C, B1, B2, B5 and E to neutralize free radicals, revealing glowing, healthy looking skin.

The Pumpkin Cleanser is an especially effective deep-pore cleanser when working together with Pumpkin Lotion. The L-lactic acid in the cleanser unclogs congested pores, while the the lotion toner acts as a second cleansing agent to freshen and tone the skin. In tandem, these make for a great prep for an enzyme such as the Pumpkin Parfait Enzyme. This works as a mild exfoliant to gently reduce excess surface build-up and infuse the skin with antioxidants.

Pro-Youth & Hydration

The beta-carotene found in pumpkin is a boon to anti-aging efforts thanks to its ability to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and reverse the damage from UV rays. Pumpkin’s vitamins A, C and E don’t just fight free radicals, they increase collagen production to keep skin taut and supple. And because every pro-youth regimen relies heavily on hydration, pumpkin is an ideal addition as it provides nourishing support with cucurbitol, a fatty alcohol found in pumpkin that improves moisture retention.

For skin in need of hydration and strengthening support, look to the Pumpkin E Serum, which has a high concentration of vitamin E and boosts oxygenation levels for extremely dehydrated and lifeless skin.

Inflammation & Pustule Acne

The zinc found in pumpkin is a triple threat, loosening the bonds that keep bacteria trapped in pores, countering acne inflammation, and promoting healing and skin renewal. Pumpkin Parfait Enzyme can be the perfect fit. Additional benefits come from the niacin in pumpkin, which improves circulation, while folate increases circulation – both key in treating acne and encouraging cell turnover. Beta carotene takes it further by delivering antioxidants to fight bacteria and inflammation caused by acne.

Season-Inspired Pumpkin Treatments

There’s no question pumpkin is effective on its own, but when paired with other fall-favorite ingredients like apple, its pro-youth benefits are magnified. Here are a few of our favorite pumpkin treatments created especially for fall:

  • The Pumpkin Peptide Polish is an express pro-youth treatment that stimulates collagen activity and leaves your client’s skin feeling smooth and bright. The Sake Peel and Pumpkin Parfait Enzyme work in tandem to reduce fine lines, tighten the skin and repair damage from free-radicals. The pro-youth benefits are underscored with the ChronoPeptide A, giving extra perk to clients with normal, dry and oily skins.
  • The Pumpkin Apple Peel firms, tones and brightens dehydrated and dulled summer skin by utilizing the natural benefits of pumpkins, apples and peptides. Pumpkin enzymes partner with a blend of ursolic, salicylic and L-lactic acids activate cell turnover and reduce oxidative and free-radical stress associated with chemical peels. The Apple Wine Peel and Vitamin A+ Peptide Peel follow, along with a generous dose of omega 6 essential fatty acids to kickstart the healing and repair process.
  • The Pumpkin Apple Fall Facial was created to tighten, firm and rejuvenate dry, aging skin with the support of pumpkin and apple wine extract. Similar to the Pumpkin Apple Peel, this facial leverages the Pumpkin Parfait Enzyme and Apple Wine Peel to stimulate collagen production. The Pumpkin E Serum adds antioxidants and hydration, while the Mandelic Arginine Peel promotes cellular repair.

Remember, pumpkin is a festive choice this fall, but this powerful ingredient can be incorporated into the treatment room and home care regimen all year long.

Which pumpkin treatments are you looking forward to trying this fall?

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