Recorded Series Available Late 2023 for Purchase

Discover the important topics to boost your skin intelligence with over 14 hours of education!

Barrier Function – Vital for Skin Health (1.5 hours)

Are you seeing more sensitive and reactive skin? Learn about the acid mantle and its importance on the overall health of skin. Explore internal and external triggers that lead to barrier-related issues, including signs to look for during consultation and skin analysis. Discover key ingredients and treatment room options to repair and restore skin to its optimal health.

The Inflammation Cascade (1 hour)

Inflammation plays a major role in the health of our skin and body. Discover how inflammation is initiated both externally and internally. Learn how to address inflammation by incorporating key ingredients into client’s home regimens and treatments, as well as lifestyle changes that may reduce and possibly prevent the negative impacts from inflammation.

Skin Wounds and Body’s Response (1.5 hour)

How does our body respond when we have a skin wound? Explore the various types of skin wounds and the body’s response through the five stages of wound healing. Learn how to approach healing to ensure the development of strong, healthy new skin cells while reducing the risk of scarring.

Why Do We Need Antioxidants? (2.5 hours)

Antioxidants, your first line of defense to slow aging and keep cells healthy. Learn internal and external factors that lead to free radicals, along with the impact reactive oxygen species has on the skin and body. Discover the classification of antioxidants and some of the most powerful ingredients available. Learn tips that will slow the aging process and have clients living a healthier lifestyle.

June 21st - Stem Cells – The Key to Cellular Repair (1 hour)

Stem cells are a remarkable advancement to the cosmeceutical industry and deliver significant changes to the skin, especially from a cellular level. Explore what leads to DNA breakdown and the eco-friendly practices involved with plant-derived stem cells. Discover how these intelligent ingredients are being used to reverse damage and promote the health and longevity of skin.

July 12th - Glycation – The Missing Link to Aging (2 hours)

Did you know glycation is linked to many diseases? Learn how glycation impacts the skin and body. Explore the ways to prevent and reverse glycation including healthy lifestyle tips and key ingredients to incorporate into the daily skin regimen.

August 30th - ATP Energy – The Secret to Optimal Skin Function (1 hour)

Everything we do requires energy! Discover the impacts energy has on the aging process, how energy is created and what its responsible for when it comes to the function of the skin. Learn key ingredients and modalities to incorporate to boost ATP energy and get skin functioning at its best!

September 27th - Comparing the Science Behind Vitamins A, C and E (2 hours)

Do you feel overwhelmed by a “new” version of the same ingredient and wonder what the difference is? Come discover how raw materials vary and what to consider when researching some of the most common ingredients and their variants. Learn the different forms of vitamins A, C and E and how they impact formulations.

October 11th - Teen Acne – Clear and Prevent Scarring (2 hours)

Understand the challenges of teen acne. Discover internal and external factors that lead to this serious skin condition. Learn the art of the teen acne consultation including key questions to help unveil possible triggers. Explore key ingredients to incorporate both at home and in the treatment room to reduce bacteria, inflammation and prevent the risk of scarring.